In person Alexander Technique lessons are available though masks are still required!
Please, email me first to schedule your lesson.
Semi-private lessons

 Hands - on lessons in intimate setting, minimum 3 students , maximum 5 students.

Price: $45.00 per person for a single 90 minute long class; price changes with number of classes if taught in a series 

One week cancellation policy is required

Private lessons are about 55 min long and cost $85.00 each


A package of 5 lessons costs $300.00,

 sliding scale is available

What to expect in a lesson
John Dewey's lesson with F.M. Alexander

During a lesson Alexander Technique 

teachers observe the students' posture and movement patterns. By using hands-on guidance and verbal cues, teachers 

direct students to cultivate a sense of balance and overall body awareness.

    After a few lessons students develop heightened body awareness, improve their posture and restore their natural sense of balance and poise. As a result, they move with better coordination, less tension, and greater efficiency.

     John Dewey's lesson with  F. M. Alexander