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Lenka is gifted in customizing Alexander Technique to your body and your needs whether it is sitting at a desk or dancing.  I found her ability to help me release tension as well as learn how to tune into my body to feel tension invaluable.  I am able to practice making the subtle changes to feel more relaxed and be able to breathe more fully.  I recommend Lenka because she is extremely knowledgeable  - she really helped me learn while so many healing modalities often have the client depending on the practitioner - but Lenka teaches you how to help yourself in releasing tension and staying pain-free. 

Elaine S., Alameda, 2018


“After having found no success with several different treatment modalities for healing a herniated disk in my spine, I discovered The Alexander Technique through Lenka Fejt. Her gentle yet profound guidance and teaching has given me tools and techniques for overcoming not only the limitations of my injury but also for embodying the life-enhancing principles of the AT into my daily life.”


Susan Schoonmaker Advertising Art Director San Francisco, CA


"The Alexander Technique was unknown to me when a colleague suggested I try it out.  I was lucky enough to stumble into Lenka's practice.  Lenka is clearly a gifted teacher and extremely skilled with her hands.  I felt improvement after just one session and have continued to notice a significant decrease in pain symptoms and an increase in comfort as I have worked with her.  Thanks to her ability to communicate complex theory in layman's terms, I feel more knowledgeable about human anatomy and have a better idea about how best to organize my own bag of bones!  And, equally important, her warm presence and humor make the sessions enjoyable.  I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in the Alexander technique."


T. M., PhD

Oakland, CA, 2018

I feel very lucky to have found Lenka.  The things she has taught me have made a significant difference in my life.  I first attended one of her introductory sessions about balance and quickly realized I had adopted a way of standing that was probably contributing to, if not the cause of, discomfort I was experiencing.  And I was very wobbly.  Lenka teaches bit-by-bit, each lesson building on what you’ve learned in the previous session.  This allowed me to really absorb the skills she was teaching me.  As a result of Lenka’s lessons I am much more stable walking, climbing up and down stairs and getting in and out of a chair and I am no longer fearful that I’m going to lose my balance and fall.  The breathing technique she taught me has been especially useful.  I still occasionally have painful episodes but now I am able to breathe through them and they are more tolerable.  Lenka is a lovely person who inspires confidence and trust.

G.S.  Human resources director, Oakland, CA 2019

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